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Views of Our Cafe Arista the Barista and the Rawesome Kitchen

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What goes best with Breakfast?….


The Rawesome Kitchen has joined forces with Arista the Barista to become.

Arista the Barista and The Rawesome Kitchen.

From the 1st of May 2019 we will be opening for sit down, where you can relax, meet with friends and more in our 36 seater Cafe on Kloof Nek road (Between Beleza & Maharajah)

In conjunction with this we have added a flat delivery charge of R5 per order which is paid to our delivery person.

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3 October is our 1st Birthday!!!

On the 3rd of October 2018 It will be 1 year since Arista The Barista broke “grounds” at The Planet Art (including the 1 month anniversary of The Rawesome Kitchen) ironically enough we started two ventures on the 3rd of the month.

So we would really! really! really! like to thank you for all your support over the past year because by buying a Puro Fairtrade cup of coffee you are supporting an initiative by changing things around for coffee farmers in the coffee industry in Africa as well as south & central America.

A bit about the coffee we serve
We only make our coffee with purified water because we believe good coffee deserves good clean water and municipal tap water is just taboo! (we are not coffee snobs – we just like it clean)

At this point in time we only serve coffee out of biodegradable take away cups and compostable lids to try and save more water – Read more stories on blog
Our packaging is mostly manufactured in Taiwan so it does not effect our water resources here in cape town – but you are more than welcome to bring your own coffee cup if you don’t like the biodegradable one’s.
Puro Buene Fuerte
The Puro Buene Fuerte comes from 5 origins – Peru, Honduras, Guatemala, Colombia & Uganda. It is Fairtrade and Shade grown.


CEPROAP are seated in the region of Pichanaki, the coffee here is grown at 1650m above sea level by smallholder producers who hand pick the beans in June-October, wash, clean by hand and then sun dry their harvest.
COAGRICSAL & COPROCAEL are positioned in the regions of Copán & Ocotopeque, the coffee here is grown 1000-1500m above sea level by smallholder producers who hand pick the beans in December-February, wash, clean by hand and then sun dry their harvest.
FEDECOCAQUA are located across Huehuetenango, Cobán, Verapaces, Retalhuleu, San Marcos, and Zacapa and coffee here is grown at 1900m above sea level by a large number of smallholder coffee producers who hand pick the beans in January-June, wash, clean by hand and sun dry their harvest.
ASPROUNION are located in Nariño, their coffee is cultivated at 1300-1800m above sea level by 270 smallholder coffee producers that span 700 hectares. They hand pick the main coffee crop in April-June, but do a second smaller harvest in October-January. Similarly to the other co-operatives, they wash, clean by hand and then sun dry their harvest.
KCFCS or Kibinge Coffee Farmers Co-operative Society is a coffee farmers organisation located 150 km south-west of Uganda’s capital Kampala, in Bukomansimbi District, Kibinge sub-county. The special geographic position of Kibinge, just below the equator, allows coffee to be harvested twice a year. This region ordinarily produces some of the finest Robusta coffee in the world, with hard beans, which give an even roast and a mild, soft, sweet and neutral taste. The coffee is grown at 1250m above sea level and hand picked from May until September and then again from October until January.


before I get carried away! we would also like tell you about our special that we will be running the whole day on the 3rd of October which is that you can buy a 250ml cup of coffee for only R15, we decided this because the 250ml coffee is what we launched with and diversified from there.
You will also receive 15% off food order from The Rawesome Kitchen

Our Espresso Bar

We are so stoked, our little espresso Bar opened in the first week of October 2017, selling Puro    organic coffee, as well as specialty loose leaf teas from organic sources (Un-Certified), Like Moorish Mint, Russian Snowbud and even light snacks & treats.

Given the environmental issues plaguing the country & world, we aim to be different from the other establishments in Cape Town. We decided from the get go to only use purified water from 20L bottles and our beverages are served in 100% compostable packaging, even our straws are made from paper. Most people when they see or hear organic they think its more expensive, we are not we carry the cost and make less profit because its about coffee, conservation, Giving back and the love so you can buy a 250ml Flatwhite, cappuccino, cortado for just R20

Another great offering is our 5% back on every in store purchase which you can use to buy again, Just ask to register in store by visiting us at The Planet Art Buildings, 32 Jamieson street (Behind Kloof Street Spar & Kloof Street house)

If you are not a tenant please ring the bell for Arista Barista at the big gate (the entrance to the court yard)



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