Our Espresso Bar

We are so stoked, our little espresso Bar opened in the first week of October 2017, selling Puro    organic coffee, as well as specialty teas, Like Moorish Mint, Russian Snowbud and light snacks.

In our Espresso bar we will be experimenting with new flavors and concepts, We only use purified water from 20L bottles and our hot drinks & Beverages are served in 100% biodegradable packaging, given our current environmental issues.

Another great offering is our 5% back on every in store purchase which you can use to buy again, Just ask to register at the counter and download the Android APP or IOS APP, Then Just search for Arista The Barista and enter your email address to login you will be able to rate our service, tell us about your experiences, get real time updates on your available points, receipts and more.



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