Our Espresso Bar

We are so stoked, our little espresso Bar opened in the first week of October 2017, selling Puro    organic coffee, as well as specialty loose leaf teas from organic sources (Un-Certified), Like Moorish Mint, Russian Snowbud and even light snacks & treats.

Given the environmental issues plaguing the country & world, we aim to be different from the other establishments in Cape Town. We decided from the get go to only use purified water from 20L bottles and our beverages are served in 100% compostable packaging, even our straws are made from paper. Most people when they see or hear organic they think its more expensive, we are not we carry the cost and make less profit because its about coffee, conservation, Giving back and the love so you can buy a 250ml Flatwhite, cappuccino, cortado for just R20

Another great offering is our 5% back on every in store purchase which you can use to buy again, Just ask to register in store by visiting us at The Planet Art Buildings, 32 Jamieson street (Behind Kloof Street Spar & Kloof Street house)

If you are not a tenant please ring the bell for Arista Barista at the big gate (the entrance to the court yard)



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