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The Puro Coffee Frog (Pristimantis puruscafeum)

For over 6 months, Juan carried out night time missions throughout the Puro Coffee Reserve in Ecuador, searching out species both known and unknown to science, that only make their appearance in the safety of darkness. Within the forests that are located on the steep canyons separated by little streams and roaring rivers, on the

The Puro Conservation Initiative (VIDEO)

A video about Puro Coffee’s involvement in establishing and maintaining Fundacion EcoMinga’s largest reserve, Cerro Candelaria, through their donations to the World Land Trust. Directed by Andy Orchard and filmed by Kendal Kempsey. Love Puro & what their partners do? You can support this initiative just by buying coffee beans here

Fair Trade Products and Giving Back

PURO FAIRTRADE COFFEE Leaving the right footprint with every step taken on the path to good coffee. Fairtrade values, love for the natural world, roasting coffee with energy borrowed from the sun, organic coffee waste delivered back into the earth and packaging re-born to live once more. We are Puro. FAIRTRADE COFFEE Our coffee farmers