Fairtrade coffee done the right way

Arista the Barista & The rAwesome Kitchen

How to see our Menu & Order

You can order food from our espresso bar or on our website. Arista The Barista & The rAwesome Kitchen and receive free delivery within a limited area in Kloof Street or you can pick, even order ahead, just click the logo below, or visit rAwesome Cape Town to learn more now

Roasted Coffee And Blended Teas

Coffee beans are being roasted and teas are being blended as we speak, find your favorite blend with us.

Organic Fairtrade

Have a great cup at one of the only establishments to sell organic, Fairtrade coffee in Gardens

What We Do

Our packaging is 100% compostable and our coffee is made from purified water. We offer a more sustainable approach to coffee

Coffee at Home

You can buy a host of coffee related products and coffee right here on our website, with delivery to your home or office

Are you Loyal?

Earn 5% back on every purchase at our Espresso bar by joining our loyalty program in store (rAwesome Excluded). It takes just 15 seconds


What goes best with Breakfast?….

FAIRTRADE COFFEE!! The Rawesome Kitchen has joined forces with Arista the Barista to become. Arista the Barista and The Rawesome Kitchen. From the 1st of May 2019 we will be opening for sit down, where you can relax, meet with friends and more in our 36 seater Cafe on Kloof Nek road (Between Beleza &

3 October is our 1st Birthday!!!

On the 3rd of October 2018 It will be 1 year since Arista The Barista broke “grounds” at The Planet Art (including the 1 month anniversary of The Rawesome Kitchen) ironically enough we started two ventures on the 3rd of the month. So we would really! really! really! like to thank you for all your support over

The Puro Coffee Frog (Pristimantis puruscafeum)

For over 6 months, Juan carried out night time missions throughout the Puro Coffee Reserve in Ecuador, searching out species both known and unknown to science, that only make their appearance in the safety of darkness. Within the forests that are located on the steep canyons separated by little streams and roaring rivers, on the